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Invest in your health, fitness and wellbeing with Good Stretch. 

Our certified stretch coaches, curated video, and tailored programmes will help you achieve your goals.


Customise Your Workouts

With over 1000+ stretching and workout exercises and activities, you’ll have endless options to tailor your fitness routine to perfection. Choose from pre-made workouts or create your own, tailored to suit your preferences and schedule


Track your progress

Monitor your daily stretching and fitness activities, and keep tabs on your weight and body metrics effortlessly. Stay motivated by witnessing your progress unfold right before your eyes.

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Select workouts online and seamlessly synchronise them with your app, enabling you to exercise in the comfort of your home or at the gym, while keeping track of your progress.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Elevate your team’s performance with Good Stretch® Corporate Wellbeing. We empower businesses through customized virtual and in-person stretching sessions, fostering physical agility and mental resilience in your workforce.

Experience our proven holistic approach, integrating mental health, physical activity, and nutrition into one powerful wellness strategy. With success stories from industry giants like BBC, Microsoft, and HSBC, we’re ready to transform your organization, delivering enhanced productivity and energy. Entrust your staff’s wellbeing to us – stretching beyond limits, thriving in harmony.

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Boost your flexibility with our Good Stretch PRO membership and get access to quick and simple stretching routines everyday to increase mobility in your muscles and joints, and improve recovery from exercise. Choose from our huge library of on-demand stretching videos from our certified stretching & flexibility coaches along with  dozens of animated stretch routines or use our custom routine builder to create your own.


Private 1:1 stretch session

Our Virtual or In-person private stretch sessions are perfect if you’re looking for targeted or a gentle more tailored approach to helping you achieve your stretch goals. The sessions are tailored specifically to meet your individual needs, whatever they may be, and supporting you on to one. Taking a one-off, or a series of private stretch sessions, is an investment for your personal health and flexibility.


JOIN US in OUR studio

We’re so excited to be back and we’ve moved to a shiny studio in Kensington, where our expert trainers will give help you keep flexible and loosen your muscles.

Our sessions are focused on a deep stretch of all major muscle groups like shoulders, chest, back, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps. Lower body complex of stretches aimed at achieving all kinds of splits in the shortest possible time.

Don’t worry about your level of flexibility – you don’t have to be able to do the splits to join! Each stretch session is customized to the clients flexibility level.

Aquilla Health & Fitness Club
11 Thurloe Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2R


"The classes are great and the stretches we do are really helpful to finally be able to do the splits! There aren’t other stretch and split classes like this in London. Also, the atmosphere is very relaxing. :)"​
Oliver Knox
Film Maker
"Discovered by chance and totally addicted! It is very useful, especially if you lift, run or maybe sit at the computer all day - your body will thank you for it. And no, it is not only for women) as long as you have a body, stretching is good for you 😀😀"​
Maria Stevens


Meet the founder

I’m so excited to welcome you to Good Stretch® – Your Guided Stretching & Wellbeing Companion! We embarked on this journey just before the pandemic hit, with a simple goal in mind – to be your go-to platform for guided stretching and holistic support.

Let’s break the misconception together! Stretching isn’t limited to pre or post-workout rituals; it’s an essential practice for everyone, offering unparalleled physical and mental benefits.

With our app, I wanted to take the guesswork out of your hands. Say goodbye to uncertainty as we guide you through over 1000 sessions, making stretching accessible and straightforward.

Join the growing community that has already embraced Good Stretch®, and experience the transformative power of stretching in your daily life. Let’s embark on this wellness journey together!