Corporate meditation workshops

GOOD STRETCH® Corporate Wellbeing supports individuals and organisations to sustainably improve their wellbeing.

Meditation classes in the workplace are ideal to reduce employee stress, help relax and find mental clarity. 

We offer a range of guided meditation practices. From body scans, breath awareness, focused attention, visualisations and reflections, they are based on mindfulness, hence strengthening awareness of participants’ inner world, and their reactions to it.

Classes are adapted to employees needs. 




Unwind the Mind with employee meditation workshops

Meditation brings development of calm, clarity, and concentration, an antidote to stress and beneficial for the whole mental wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

  • Lower blood pressure, improve breathing, slow heartbeat
  • Reduce anxiety and Stress
  • Boost emotional stability and resilience
  • Improve clarity, focus and peace of mind
  • Develop a positive outlook and ability to cope with stress
  • Suitable for:
    All levels
  • Format:
    A class starts with an introduction to the topic and the format of the class, followed by 2 ways to experience the theme of the practice on that day. There is time in-between for questions and sharing as well as at the end. Most practises can be done seated, although when appropriate there’s the option of lying down. Participants can expect a welcoming environment.
  • Our Trainers:
    Fully qualified and insured yoga teachers with extensive experience.

get access to our TAILORED meditation videos for your team

We can offer you a branded pack of meditation videos for your team so they can access the content via your internal platforms and help them develop a positive outlook and ability to cope with stress.


We did a Good Stretch class as part of our ITV Feel Good wellbeing programme to help our colleagues who are working from home and sat in front of laptops all day.
Katherine B
With many of our colleagues working from home, this is a good opportunity for us to be mindful of the hours we spend sitting down and in front of screens. Took a few classes myself and stretching definitely helps both the body and mind!
Andrew L
The trainer was brilliant and everyone loved it. It was great to just do something different and feel stretched and energised ahead of the day.
Kathrina D


Our certified qualified coaches have over 25 years of experience helping our employees boost their flexibility. They ensure that every exercise is modified to all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Daniella Profile


Head Stretch Coach

Julia Profile Good Stretch Small


Advanced Stretch Coach

Elsa Good Stretch Coach.jpeg


Advanced Stretch Coach