Exercise classes are back – here is what you need to know about stretch classes in person

Exercise classes are back – here is what you need to know about stretch classes in person

Last week, on 22nd May, we opened our doors to our first in-person class. We had missed seeing our clients in person so much! Our Head Stretch Coach Ana led a full (socially distanced) class in South Kensington. We’re so excited to see London reopening its doors to in-person fitness classes and we’re very proud to be part of this movement. At this stage, we’re doing two classes a week in our studio – on Saturday and Monday, and we’ll be introducing more and more stretch classes in the coming months.

Exercise classes are back – are they safe?

We know that many of you might be feeling a bit nervous about going back to the gym or to a stretch studio, but we’re taking all measures to make all of our attendees feel safe.

We are operating at a reduced capacity in the studio and we only allow up to 13 attendees per class. Our mats are spread out so everyone has plenty of space from one another. Our studio is well ventilated so there is fresh air in the room at all times. The mats are disinfected before and after each class and we ask each attendee to wash their hands or use a sanitiser before going on their mat.

In other words, we’re adhering to the strict Covid-19 guidelines to keep you as safe as possible!


10 Reasons you should start attending exercise classes in person

1. Time to get out of the house if you’re craving a change in your environment

We feel like the immediate rush of excitement of being able to work remotely for many has lost its original charm. The freedom of being able to work from your kitchen top might have sounded great at the beginning. But chances are you’ve started experiencing back aches, issues with your posture and neck stiffness. If that’s the case, make sure to get our free Stretching Guide for simple exercises that you can try out.

2. It can help you get over your Covid-19 anxiety

Yes, this is a very real issue. Many people feel anxious spending too much time in public places, but the NHS has written some fantastic tips on how to cope with that.

Especially now that restaurants and gyms are reopening after the Government has allowed them to do so, this means that the environment is safer. If you’re feeling anxious, it might be good for you to be outside and to face your fears.

3. You get to experience the community feel

It’s nice to be surrounded by others so you can motivate each other! You can make friends with like-minded people who love stretching as much as you do.


4. You’ll become more flexible faster

You might underestimate yourself and be too cautious when stretching. Our stretch coach is there to push you through your limits and help you reach your flexibility goals faster.

5. Your form gets corrected by our Stretch Coach

You’ll be guided on how to stretch using correct form. Your coach will correct you if you arch your back too much, have your hips in a wrong position and they’ll make sure you don’t repeat the same side twice.

6. Changing the environment is good for your mental health

Studies show that when we change our surroundings, that can have a good effect on our mood and positive outlook on life. As an added benefit, our classes are quite enjoyable, we try to have a good laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

7. You’ll be part of the stretching revolution

Finally, stretching is something quite new for the UK. We’re quite different from traditional yoga and Pilates classes. We focus on the physical and mental benefits of stretching. We don’t expect you to know complicated poses or exercises and we’ll be very happy to help you try out something new!

8. You’ll avoid injuries

Sometimes it can be all too tempting to overstretch to cheat your way into getting to the splits. Our coach is there to help you stay on track and only stretch as much as you’re comfortable and able to. 

9. You’ll become more flexible faster

You might underestimate yourself and be too cautious when stretching. Our stretch coach is there to push you through your limits and help you reach your flexibility goals faster.

Image by Amit Kumar from Pixabay

Are our online stretching classes staying around?

The short answer is: YES! We launched our On-Demand and Live Stretching classes at the beginning of the pandemic and after the incredible feedback we’ve been receiving, we know that we’ll carry on our online membership offering. If you’re busy working, it might be your perfect opportunity to join a morning, lunch time or evening Stretch or Barre class. Currently, we’ve reduced the number of classes online to accommodate the huge interest in attending classes in person.  However, the online stretching classes are still taking place every day. Make sure to refer to our online schedule for up-to-date classes information.

Exercise classes – a combination of online and in-person classes

Comparing an in-person class with an exercise classe online is a bit like comparing working from home with working from an office! There is a group of people who support working from the comfort of their home, others prefer to go to their office so that they see their colleagues and change the environment.

We want to be able to accommodate both groups – the time-poor career-oriented people who might be parents and therefore choosing to work from home, and those who enjoy being part of a community and working out somewhere different.

Benefits of in-person stretching classes

Our mission is to make stretching accessible to everyone!  We know that many of you love on-site group stretch classes so hope to see you in our studio if you’re London- based. That way, you’ll be able to be around others and feel more inspired to push yourself more. A healthy competition won’t hurt anyone, especially if you’re trying to improve your flexibility or get to the splits!

Why online stretch classes will never get old

If you fall into the category of those who’ve fallen in love with working from home, then we have your back! You might truly enjoy being able to wake up 30 min before the start of your working day. Therefore, stretching from your home might be very convenient as you can wear your baggy T-shirt without worrying how you look and simply join our Zoom stretch sessions online. If you’re unsure that they are right for you, why don’t you try our 7-day free trial which gives you unlimited access to our Stretch and Barre classes. If you already know you love these classes, take advantage of our summer offer: 50% off our on-demand membership for new members.

We hope to see you on the mat very soon!

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