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We’re super excited to get you started on your Good Stretch journey and we’re here to help. Please see some frequently asked questions adjacent.

To get you started please enjoy a 7 day free trial on us:

Our stretching classes are 30 – 50 min  long, start with warm up followed by trainer-assisted deep stretching. You will go through a variety of stretches and hold them for 1-2 minutes. During the stretches, our trainer will  guide you into a deeper stretch  to increase range of motion in your joints and reduce muscle tightness.

Head to our schedule page, sign up, find a suitable date and time for yourself and book yourself in, you will receive a link for a class  an hour before in your email, or you can find a link if you will sign in into your Good Stretch account under the scheduled class.

Sign in into your Good Stretch account, find a suitable class, book yourself in for a scheduled virtual replay class, 10 mins  before the class you will receive a link from us.

In a virtual Live class our trainer will guide you and comment on your form and technique, you can also ask questions and write your request on which area you want to focus on.

Our virtual replay classes are a replay of the most recent live class, recorded within 12 hours. We would highly recommend taking a LIVE class if you have any injuries or if it’s your first class.

All our classes are designed for all levels and are focused on YOUR results, safety, and overall experience.

YES! Flexibility is for EVERYONE.

Our classes are structured to be open classes for all levels of experience.

We recommend taking 2-3 classes a week for best results.

The more consistent you are, the faster and more dramatic your results will be!

Stretching and yoga have a few overlaps, although they are two very different practices. Stretching involves holding various  positions to lengthen the muscles. You push your body to the point just before it becomes uncomfortable, often leading to a release in tension.

A yoga workout, on the other hand, is made up of many poses. Some of these are similar (or even the same) as stretches, but a large number are quite distinct.

Stretching can help you recover from an injury, create a better range of mobility and flexibility , improve your athletic performance, or target a particular problem area like your lower back,  Increase blood flow, allowing your muscles to function efficiently, helps with injury prevention and chronic pain, Improve YOU  physically and mentally.

In contrast, whereas yoga is often for flexibility and focus, it can also be for strength, posture, and balance.

Yoga is more about  breathing technique. You breathe as deep and as long as you can. Breathing in stretching, however, teaches you to improve how you breathe during exercise. It helps you practice to avoid holding your breath.

Anyone can practice yoga just as anyone can (and should) stretch. However, yoga workouts are designed for different ability levels. Some poses take many years to achieve and are impossible before your body has developed the necessary strength and openness.

Stretching is accessible to everyone. Although you may find that you are unable to get deep into some stretches, you will receive the same benefits as someone who is extremely flexible in the same muscle

If you have a fitness mat, fitness blocks & belts that will be great, however, easy alternatives which our coaches sometimes use as an example would be a stack of books, small towel or trousers belt.

We would always recommend speaking to your GP if you have any concerns about pregnancy and pre existing injuries . We also have a chat function in the class for you to notify our coaches and they can give you some alternative stretches if required.

You can cancel your subscription anytime through the Team Up platform. Please note there is a 30 days notice term when cancelling a membership.

To access On-demand sessions, you  need to have on-demand membership.

You can then book any 6am On-demand class and you will receive 7 links for all recordings from previous week via email.

The links are updated every Sunday.