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Flexibility exercises for office workers: 7 easy lower back stretches you can do sitting or standing at your desk

Are you an office worker who is spending long hours in front of the computer?

Download this guide to get:

  • 7 stretches that can help ease your back pain
  • Simple exercises for anyone whose job is sedentary
  • The tools you can use to counter-balance Zoom fatigue and decreased productivity
  • Stretching exercises which you can perform using any clothes
  • A short stretching routine that can boost your productivity and wellbeing at work

Download the Flexibility Exercises for Office Workers Guide:

time to counter-balance the long hours spent behind the screen

We get you – we’ve been there! Most people’s reality these days includes an element of laptop work. Most office workers rely on technology for feeling connected with their peers or for promoting their products. However, the ease of accessing your emails, social media, marketing or project management tools is inevitably associated with hours sitting in front of your screen which can have a number of negative effects including:

  • Stiff shoulders
  • An aching neck
  • Hips that have lost their flexibility
  • Tiredness, decreased focus and productivity
  • A posture that has become increasingly worse


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