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If you’ve convinced yourself that you’re too old to become flexible, we’re here to prove you wrong!

You can start at any age and you can reach your best shape with consistency.

it’s possible to learn how to do the splits at any age, whether you’re 15 or 50. Flexibility improves with daily practice. Taking regular stretching classes would help you get into the routine of stretching every day.

That’s why we’ve introduced our On-Demand Stretching membership where we give you access to:

Join our online stretching classes from anywhere in the world. Get 50% off our On-demand membership until July!

We’re offering our new members a special offer of £12.49/month for the first 3 months.

To access the offer, click the link below and add the code “SUMMERSTRETCH”.

A flexible body means a flexible mind

The connection between our mind and our body is inseparable, one depends on the other. Wellness depends on the health of both.

Stretching is the bridge between the two. When you’re more relaxed, you’re able to stretch more deeply and when you’re performing slow-paced stretch exercise, you get calmer very quickly. 

You parasympathetic nervous system gets activates and you’re entering a focused and balanced state.


✅ Help your muscles to function efficiently​
✅ Improve your posture
✅ Relieve your post-workout soreness
✅ Reduce your lower back pain


✅ Gain self-confidence
✅ Get away from blocks and constrictions
✅ Feel lighter and more relaxed
✅ Improve your performance at work


✅ Increase your energy levels
✅ Improve your stress levels
✅ Slow down your heart rate
✅ Improve your concentration

don't say you’re too busy

Are you one of these people who uses the phrase “I’m so busy” about 20 times a day? All these virtual meetings, endless emails, errands around the house, trying to socialise with friends… while also striving to stay sane and finding time to be healthy.

Don’t skip stretching unless you want to experience:


“Did a stretching class the other week and to say that I was satisfied is to say nothing, it was an absolute bliss! Loved the class and the stretching instructor Ana was absolutely amazing.”

“The class is designed for all levels and it will be easy to follow the routine for everybody.”

“Highly recommend to everyone, your body will say thank you!”


“Amazing class! Learn so much from 1 class already, the excellent instructor helped me a lot do everything the right way.”

“Lovely atmosphere felt so good after the class. Can’t wait to come back.”


“Discovered by chance and totally addicted ! Thanks ,Ana and Aida, for opening a much needed studio. And if you are a guy and reading this -.don’t hesitate to attend, it is very useful, especially if you lift, run or.maybe sit at the computer all day – your body will thank you for it . And no, it is not only for women –  as long as you have a body, stretching is good for you 😀😀




Good Stretch launched in London, Kensington at the beginning of 2020 and has since reached a global audience.

Good Stretch Studio had to take a new look due to Covid 19 in March 2020, this however opened more opportunities. As a result you now permanently find us online and join our stretching classes from anywhere.

We’re trying to change the perception that stretching is only useful before or after a workout or when doing exercise, when in fact everyone should be stretching regularly regardless of how active they are. The benefits of stretching are unrivalled on both a physical and mental level.

Our online flexibility classes are structured to be open classes for all levels of experience from beginners; for those who are simply looking to be more flexible with no aches, pains and stress; to advanced, for those who wants to stretch their limits and do the splits effortlessly.

Aida & Ana